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CoupleCo: Working With Your Spouse For Fun & Profit

The best route to success is modeling successful people. And if you’re working with your spouse, how do you find model couples? CoupleCo: Working With Your Spouse For Fun & Profit features interviews with couples in business together who are crushing it in the 21st century. This is where you can hear their stories, glean insights into their systems, pitfalls, failures, must-do's and working styles. And, there are plenty of laughs. Welcome to CoupleCo. It’s business—and it’s personal.


Mar 10, 2021

This starts with sourdough and a casual fuming about fatigue, and unravels into a surprising debate about why fear begets failure. And it all happens because of one simple sentence about one of the easiest things on the planet: making a sourdough starter. Someone says, “Scared, but inspired.” We talk about being creative, being afraid of not measuring up, winning huge awards, struggling through the night with billboard ideas, and how a great idea is often the result of pushing the execution the extra 10%. And surprise: no alcohol!