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CoupleCo: Working With Your Spouse For Fun & Profit

The best route to success is modeling successful people. And if you’re working with your spouse, how do you find model couples? CoupleCo: Working With Your Spouse For Fun & Profit features interviews with couples in business together who are crushing it in the 21st century. This is where you can hear their stories, glean insights into their systems, pitfalls, failures, must-do's and working styles. And, there are plenty of laughs. Welcome to CoupleCo. It’s business—and it’s personal.


May 12, 2021

This is the credit where credit is due episode. Do you need to take credit for everything? Do you dismiss the contributions of others? Do the ideas of the other players get short shrift because they aren’t yours? Why are we even asking these questions? If the answer to all of the above is yes, you probably don’t have enough self-awareness to listen to this show, and that’s too bad. You need it, especially if you’re in a CoupleCo because your marriage is probably in trouble…